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Cranes for Sale – All Terrain and Rough Terrain Cranes 


Latest Mobile Cranes for sale 

Tadano ATF 80-4 All Terrain crane Terex Demag AC 100 All Terrain Crane
Tadano TR 350 M3 Rough Terrain Crane Tadano TR 200 E Rough Terrain Crane
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Liebherr LTM 1080/1 All Terrain Crane
Terex Demag AC 80-2 All Terrain Crane

Excellent Import Options on All Terrain Mobile Cranes 

Cranes For Sale – Information

Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, we are one of the most reliable and well known Crane sales and crane suppliers to the mining, Engineering and construction Industries. We have many cranes for sale, focusing on mobile cranes, particularly specializing in all terrain and rough terrain cranes. We have supplied cranes in South Africa as well as Sub Saharan Africa to countries like Botswana and Zimbabwe. The market needs a company like Cranesales to bridge the gap between new and used crane sales.

Cranes For Sale – Future and supply

With all the power stations being built, office buildings being erected and infrastructure upgrades, our clients are always looking for used cranes to buy. We have also supplied rental options on cranes but our sole focus is on selling the cranes to ensure a fair sales price in comparison to a rental. The machines that we supply have strictly had good service histories, annual and up to date load testing and rope tests to ensure that the boom and crane itself is in an exceptional condition.

Contracts and Tonnage supply

Cranesales will also happily enter into contracts to sell off fleets of cranes to the market. We specialize in mobile crane Sales and finding the right crane for the right application is our prime focus. Our tonnages that we have supplied into the market ranges form 10 to 80 tons and we are always looking to supply bigger cranes to be used on larger and more complex contracts and projects. Supplying anything up to 400 Ton cranes is a goal of ours

Cranesales also looks at buying cranes off of our clients whereby we either trade them in on a bigger and better machine or we also look at a refurbishment policy whereby we fix the cranes for a fee and then our client happily walks away with a crane that is as good as new

New Cranes for sale

We have also supplied a few new cranes to the market. We usually furbish our clients with 2 or 3 options and sometimes they opt for new machines with 1 – 2 year warranties. This gives many clients peace of mind even though we can supply warranties on machines mainly 2007/2008 or newer

Cranes for sale and what we can supply

We have supplied the following makes of crane to the new and second hand markets – Tadano Rough Terrain cranes, Tadano Faun all terrain cranes , Liebherr all terrain cranes and terex all and rough terrain cranes. Our knowledge in the crane sales Industry gives us a superior upper hand. We are a sales and repair based company focused on supplying the mining and construction industries. Our main goals are to always supply reliable and strong machines as well as giving an unsurpassed service when it comes to finalizing transactions.

Cranesales also assists with the transport of cranes to and from site. We do sub contract the work but use the most reliable people in the Industry. When buying a crane or even selling a crane, always consider using CRANESALES.